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Keyboard bug every time a top bar are added by the system. Like when I turned the hot spot on or when I put a call on speakers and open other apps to type something.

Bugged as hell

I love this keyboard when its not bugging... That is, every other week

Handy keyboard

Its a lot easier to type in a swype mode when you are walking or in a car. Plus, it allows you to do it with only one hand.

Defect update

The newest update is defect, the keyboard does not work in whatsapp anymore. Please provide a new update.

Bug with Whatsapp

Since a few weeks the keyboard doesnt pop up in Whatsapp anymore at all, or it takes minutes to show up. Please fix!

Ignore the fear mongerering techno-illiterates

They know nothing about how apps work apparently and are responsible for half of the bad reviews. This, like Swiftkey, is the way to use a keyboard. So much better than stock and it needs the permissions BECAUSE ITS A KEYBOARD! How else is it going to type? Some people(like myself) use iPhones because theyre legitimately awesome phones, despite their numerous limitations. Those who think this app is stealing their credit card info, NEED an iPhone BECAUSE of its numerous limitations to protect them from themselves. Please give your head a shake if you fall into the latter group because your opinion is worthless. The other half of the bad reviews are from francophones whining that theres no French keyboard. So who cares.

Many bugs since last update

Can you guys fix the numerous bugs with third-part apps, like whatsapp ? Thanks

Missing functionality

Excellent keyboard, however missing key features: cloud sync, copy/paste and swyping to the keypad, as well as the latest emoji. However, very smooth and fast. Awesome work!

Keyboard doesnt show up on whats app

When I go into a chat, blank space just shows up on the bottom, no keyboard shows up

Great for typing messages quickly!

Amazing how people can be so paranoid about a keyboard keeping track of what they are writing when basically anything done over the internet can be intercepted. Should focus your reviews on the app. This app is great for typing quickly and accurately. It takes some practice but after a while you get used to it and can type very fast! I like the emoji prediction and the ability to change the predicted word after I typed it. Keep up the good work!

Issues in whatsapp

The app is good in general but it keeps bugging in whatsapp. The keyboard does not start and forces me to remove the keyboard in the settings and back... Painful. Please resolve this issue. Thanks.

Love it but..

Absolutely love this keyboard most of the time, however its quite buggy. Every now and then it just stops working and I have to uninstall and reinstall to get it working. This problem is mostly with my iPad not my iPhone.

loved it when it worked well

cant access any keys needed by holding and pressing. Including the menu. Occasionally just stops responding. Even after several reinstalls.

I love the concept but it crashes all the time

I have an iPhone 4S and at the beginning it was working as a charm. Its really fast. Two days ago it started to take a long time to open. Yesterday I had to uninstall it because it crashed all the time. Please fix it, Ill totally continue to use it. Update : I changed to a 5s and was working well, however it started to crash again. When I want to type something, all the keyboard area stays gray. I cant type anything so I have to go to settings to uninstall it so I can use the built-in keyboard.

Japanese please

Awesome app. Its really convenient, and perfect.

It is so slow

Here comes with the new update, huge lags just to show up the keyboard, and more to write on iphone 6+. Come on guys, this phone is not so old!

Its very slow

This keyboard is very slow

Bad Russian support

* Russian dictianary is too small, it didnt know many common words( * Inconvenient language switching, it should be faster

Wheres my good old FREE Google keyboard

The app has some bad problems. The first thing is that the keyboard just doesnt show up in some cases, e.g. when I want to type in WhatsApp. The second problem is when I want to type "Привет" in Russian language, it is corrected with "((ивет". I mean, what the hell.. And in other words starting with "Пр" - its the same. Other bad thing is that every color costs 75 rubles, its too much. And it looks not as cool as the stock iOS keyboard. I would like to have my money back, at least for the "themes", that are actually just different colors of one theme.

After last update

the Swype keyboard is very often automatically substituted by the original iPhone keyboard. Thats really annoying, please solve asap

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